Vlogs are Delayed.


Because my tablet is broken and I am waiting on when I can buy a new one, I am not able to post vlogs for sometime.

~ James Christian Jr


VLOG: “My Thanksgiving Day!”


My Thanksgiving was in Hoboken, NJ. With friends!!!

~ James Christian Jr

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VLOG: “Hanes Socks EXPLOSION!!”

A few weeks ago, I met Mark Harvoth at the Dog Park.  He and a camera crew video recorded me doing a Vine for Hanes!

Find Hanes on Vine!!!

Check it out!

~ James Christian Jr

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VLOG: “Working for NickMom [Shari & Wendi]”

I have a second employment.  My first is Massage Therapy.

Once or twice-a-month, Shari Simpson-Cabelin hires me to be the cameraman for her side-gig as a comic on NickMom!! Silly and funny film skits you will enjoy!! She and Wendi Aarons of Austin, Texas(caught my accent?!) come up with these for Nickelodeon website.

Read about them here. <——

Shari's Blog: DustyEarthMother.com

Wendi’s Blog: AlphaMom.com

Check one on clip here: CLICK HERE

Be well,

James Christian Jr


VLOG: Hanes Socks

Check out my first vlog with Mark Harvoth.

Follow him on twitter.
Go to: http://twitter.com/HardlyNormal
Get my Vine on the Hanes Vine.


VLOG: “Mark & Soup Dumplings!”

Friday night, Mark Harvoth met and took me to Joe’s Shanghai(W.56th in Manhattan) for dinner.

Such a cool guy!

~ James Christian Jr