Hoboken & Safety

I am not able to post vlogs because my tablet is broken.  So I am patient for when it is going to get replaced.  It’s ok! 🙂

I am temporary crashing in Hoboken, NJ.  A close and longtime friend is taking me into his house with his family for the Holidays!!  One is because he wants me safe for this time and be encouraging to me!  We have much to talk about before 2015 rolls in!  His name is Carlito!  Please pray for a blessing for his shear kindness and generosity!! Send him a friendly message too!! He deserves it!!

His Facebook Profile. <=====

His wife is Shari Simpson. 🙂

Another venture is studying about Social Media Marketing.  Being an online business promoter.  This is what is keeping me from updating statuses and tweets.  Much to do all the time!!!

~ James Christian Jr


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