Aaaaw! The Human Heart and it’s Acts!!


I was fortunate to sleep indoors last night. A good friend on the Upper East Side took me in and we hung out. But I woke feeling REALY ill. I threw up at one point. He got me some OTC pain reliever. That helped!! I am grateful for my good friend, Daniel!

I got an e-mail from a friend on Twitter, Stephanie Radat. She bought me a set of earphones. So I went to the Best Buy where Mark Harvoth bought me my Asus tablet to pick it up. It is a earbud with a mic. Skullcandy! Oooo! Thank you, Stephanie!! KUDUS AND HUGS!!!

Read about her on Huffington Post. <========= Click On

These days, I have get on TWitter and I get so many notifications of retweets, favorited tweets and messages from people all over!! Shout out to Maggie, West End Residences, Gary J & Dale Scott!

It took some hours, but I am fully happy. Today. It may rain and I have to sleep on the train tonight, but God has given me you people to reach out and give me a reassuring cyber pat! Love turning on my Android tablet and getting all those Twitter notifications!!! This tablet has me on all day and I get stuff done!!! No pressure on when I have to get off like when I am at the Apple Store or library.

One thing I hope. And maybe with your help, I can be indoors or fully-employed in a month or so! I want that to be a serious aim!

Thank you guys!!!

~ James Christian Jr

2 links you need to get into….

1 – We Are Visible
2 – Invisible People

Mark Harvoth’s Huffington Post Article <==== A must READ!


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