VLOG: Thank you, Mark Harvoth, Invisible People & Huff Post!!!!!

Ladies and Gentleman, over a week ago, I met a former homeless man who became established and is now a Homeless Advocate.  This man is on FIRE for this dire mission to bring us up front! And he had ignited a fire within me to do the same!!!

This man is Mark Harvoth!

After lunch and a video interview(see This), he amazingly took me to Best Buy on the Upper West Side and bought me an Asus Memo Pad(Android tablet)!  And a very nice cover pouch!  With this tablet I have been learning A LOT and I look forward to putting it to GREAT use!  This I feel is a wonderful responsibility I want to get done!!!

I want to give much thanks to the people like Tom Hart on Twitter who have donated towards my Asus Tablet!!  Thank you!!!!


Ok!  Today, he did something AMAZING….AGAIN!!  I wrote about me in the Invisible People website and in Huffington Post! AAAAAAH!!!  CHECK THESE OUT!!

Today, I am going back to the UWS Best Buy and showing this young lady who helped me buy this amazing tablet!  That is her in the above photo!

Ok!  I am just OVERWHELMED!!

It is very true!  We Are Visible!!  Help me make this SHINE!!!

~ James Christian Jr



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